Crits & Birthdays

This week has been really crazy. Tuesday I had a crit for my light-box piece that I put in the President's office. I was nervous about the response that I would get because it was a day before our opening. If people had negative things to say there would be not time to change anything before the opening. Luckily, they liked it a lot. I got great feedback that will be really helpful while working on my future work.

Wednesday was our opening in the President's office. Quite a few people showed up, and it seemed to go really well. They set the food up right under one of my pieces, and I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about that. It was white text on a white wall and was pretty hard to see, and the food made it easier for some people to see it, but it also made it harder for others to see.

Tomorrow is my birthday and Tuesday was my boyfriend's birthday. We're both 22. We went out to dinner Thursday ( the day between the two birthdays) at a barbecue place on south street and it was a lot of fun. Tomorrow I we're going out with some friends. I'm pretty excited, it should be really fun.

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Multidisciplinary '12
Rockaway, NJ

I'm a senior Multidisciplinary major here at Uarts and I focus mainly on Sculpture. I really enjoy working in the woodshop and metal shop, but most of my work is some combination of every material I can get my hands on. In my spare time I love watching movies with friends and playing video games. I like experimenting with cooking and using friends and family as guinea pigs.