Something you will be forced to do is to collaborate.  Embrace it becasue it may be annoying not to work solo, but the work you produce will be surprising!  This doesn't just mean collaborate with other majors.  Yes, film majors should go get musicians to score their projects and actors to star in them.  Dancers should totally audition for the musical.  Illustration and Animation majors should most definitely have a nice conversation about potential projects.  Also, you should collaborate within your major.  When you go to school, you meet someone, say a film major.  On the surface, you know that they want to make films.  The further you go into school, you'll realize that maybe one person is interested in doc, another narrative.  Perhaps this person wants to DP and the other wants to light.  What if you took a group of people--one DP (Director of Photography), a Best Boy/Grip (the lights), a writer, and a director.  You will meet people that have aspirations as specific as these and you should learn to work together and crew up because that piece will be a lot better than if you tried doing it all yourself.  An auteur might sound great, but is pretty difficult to do as a student.  Make use of the connections you have in school.  Take advantage of all the equipment and resources.  Take advantage of your classmates and let them do the same.


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Tyler Seecof
Film '15
Southampton, Pennsylvania

Hey all!  I'm Tyler.  I am a Junior Film major at UArts.  I'm also heavily involved with our theater school.  I've been involved in film,acting, and theater my whole life so it has been a really surreal experience being completely submerged in what I love most and I can't wait to share all of my stories with you!

Film '15
Southampton, Pennsylvania

Hi all!  My name is Tyler.  I'm a junior Film major at University of the Arts.  I'm also heavily involved with our theater school!  I've been involved with film and acting my whole life. I did my first show in the 4th grade!  Being at a school where I can totally emerge myself in everything I love has been so surreal! I'm always working on school, or at one my jobs, or on a film set.  I can't wait to share all those stories with you guys!


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