Change Up

I've began to get in a rut.... I haven't taken pictures in more then a month, nor have I had the urge to experiment. I use to shoot almost every day trying new and different styles. I guess I was doing so to improve my portfolio, but you would think being here I would be going crazy shooting. I guess its because I’m in the middle of three completely different projects. In 3D were making a self portrait of our faces; out of clay. We started this month long project with creating a skull, then we added muscles to the face, and now were making half of the head into our own face. It is one of the hardest clay projects I’d ever worked on. Portraits in general for me are difficult. In time motion we are finishing up our first project; which we had to take a analogy or metaphor and make it a short clip. I’m getting sick of watching mine over and over to find something to improve it, and yet I’m stuck. And last in 2D were still working with colors, which is a great change from gray scale. We’ve made multiple examples of a color wheel, triangle, finding neutral grays of complementary colors....and ect. All in all I’m still enjoying my classes, but I need something to change up my normal schedule. I’m tiered of classes all week and work on the weekends. Lets just say spring break is much needed at this point. 

Feb 21, 2012 | Comments (0)

Photography '15
Doylestown, PA

I was born and raised in a small town in Bucks County, and always wanted to move into the city. I danced for 16 years of my life, yet decided to come to Uarts for photography so I can pursue a career. Art has always been in my life, and I couldn't be in a more perfect place to continue my studies.