Busy week!

This past week or so have been one of the busiest for me, and perhaps the strangest. Putting some of the work aside, there is one specific project I am currently working on with a partner for my studio class and well...let's just say it's quite unique. For our Liminal project we are focusing on absence, in this case the absence of a parent in the household due to a job that requires him/her to travel often. It's still in it's prototype stage. The following are two prototypes which are based on the relationship between a child and the traveling parent.

Teddy bear hybrid from my partner Justin Martin.

My prototype, I added a zipper to morph these two together and they can hold items inside.


The most painful part was not hand sewing it, but having to perform surgery with these two plush dolls from Yo Gabba Gabba.

I'm having a lot of fun so far and I'm anxious to see what the final product will be for this project, there is just so much you can do when toys are involved. 


Feb 24, 2013 | Comments (0)

Maria Gaston
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