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It’s been a week since my last blog when I proudly announced my love of late 90s pop music, and since then, it has been a downward slope into the depths of the 1999 “Top 50” playlist. No shame, Britney sends her love.

Baltimore, “Quit playing games with my heart!”  Last weekend when I went home, I didn’t get to do nearly half the things I had planned on.  I never made it to Towson, but I did make it to University of Maryland.  My friend Mellie lives in this off-campus, campus-affiliated apartment complex called the View.  Of the two gargantuan buildings, she lives in the View I.  She gets a free gym, in-unit laundry, and free tanning.  Just to put it in perspective, each building holds 2,000 students.  If UArts had a building like the View, we would basically only need one building!  By Sunday night, it was “Bye, Bye, Bye” to Baltimore, and back to the 215.  It’s good to be back.

Tuesday in Photo II, we began our brief lesson in 4x5 Photography.  A 4x5 camera is basically a large format camera.  When used correctly, the pictures should come out looking like instagrams.  When used incorrectly, they will be double exposures (cough cough oops).  The way the picture is made is the camera is set up, the pictures is composed, metered, then a film back is slid into the camera back.  Each film back holds two pieces of 4inch by 5inch squares of film on either side, behind a light-proof slide.  Once an exposure is ready to be made, the lenses is cocked, the slide is removed, and the exposure is taken.  My group decided to go to Jeweler’s Row, so I set up a really cool shot of the old diamond trade building, but I then accidentally superimposed it over my second shot of an old store front.  I know, it’s like “Cry me a River,” but I have scheduled a reshoot for Saturday!

During common block on Tuesday, Emily, a fellow Photo major, and I sat in Terra Dining Hall to table for our latest project.  We are proposing a social, nationally affiliated sorority for UArts!  The way the process works is first, we recruit women for an interest group, or “colony.”  Once we have become a colony, we will democratically decide what National Panhellenic Council (NPC) affiliated greek organization we most identify with.  We then must propose an extension to headquarters.  Along with a proposal, we will include a detailed statistical analysis of the student body.  It is very much a numbers game, but we want this so badly. This is quite a feat, and there is no guarantee, but you never know until you try!

For now, I will soothe my woes with Justin Timberlake’s “Dirty Pop” beat boxing.  He’s so dreamy...

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I am currently a Sophomore perusing a BFA in Photography with a concentration in Art Therapy.  I am from Baltimore, Maryland. Outside of class, I enjoy hanging out with friends, exploring the city, working out, and of course, taking pictures.  

My favorite TV shows are Saturday Night Live, The Office, and Parks and Recreation.  I have watched almost all the episodes on Netflix.  Twice.  I live in an off-campus apartment with my roommate, Jill.  We have a blast but we hate  grocery shopping and doing laundry.

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