Back on Campus

Hope everyone had a wonderful Winter break, this break was everything but cold to me, considering I spent most of it in Florida. I took this vacation very seriously, which is why I spent most of it sleeping. Of course, there was a great amount of time spent with the family whom I desperately had been wanting to see ever since I moved to Philly, as well as close friends. The drastic change of climates got me sick so I spent a good portion of the break in bed, but at least I had the new family puppy to keep me company.


The highlight of my break actually takes place towards it’s final days- I went snowboarding for the first time! Snowboarding was a lot of fun, as painful as it got towards the end after I fell quite awkwardly in an attempt to stop, it was worth it. I also experienced my first snowfall which actually took place right here on campus.

Photos taken at Furness Courtyard

I left my room with my camera, wearing nothing but pajamas and slippers. I took several photos, touched the snow and even attempted to eat some of it while no one was looking but I was far too embarrassed.


Aside from a very relaxing break, I had a great start to my spring classes. 19 degrees, I finally had the appropriate Winter clothes and my morning class went nice and smoothly. I’m looking forward to this semester, this year started out very well and I know there are more amazing things waiting to take place. 

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Maria Gaston
Industrial Design '15
Miramar, Florida

I am a transfer student, currently in my sophomore year. Originally from the heart of South America, Asuncion, Paraguay. My family now resides in sunny Florida.

I am an aspiring Toy Designer. During my spare time I cosplay, make costumes, hang out with friends, eat..spend some quality time with Netflix. I am also a food entuthiast and I am an addicted online shooper.