Appreciating UArts

I always talk about the support system our school has.  Every school advertises how they help you in their broshures, but this school really does it!  In the school of Film, they had a meeting with the students last semester to let US critique THEIR work...and they listened!  We said that we'd like to work in groups, have more class time to workshop, and would like more time to do projects, all of which happened this semester.  

In the Ira Brind school, the faculty have been beyond hospitatble by allowing me to create an acting minor at the university, thus getting the training that I believe I need to be successful.  They brought me into their family with open arms.

I'm also always so impressed that our school constantly posts on various social media sites to congratulate past and current students on accomplishments, such as Jared Leto with his Oscar nom, Siobhan Vivian on her new show "The List," coming to MTV, and more!

Hopefully one day I do something that makes the school proud.  Sometimes the work load gets heavy and the stress level rise and I forget how glad and privilaged I am to be here. 

Feb 14, 2014 | Comments (0)

Tyler Seecof
Film '15
Southampton, Pennsylvania

Hey all!  I'm Tyler.  I am a Junior Film major at UArts.  I'm also heavily involved with our theater school.  I've been involved in film,acting, and theater my whole life so it has been a really surreal experience being completely submerged in what I love most and I can't wait to share all of my stories with you!

Film '15
Southampton, Pennsylvania

Hi all!  My name is Tyler.  I'm a junior Film major at University of the Arts.  I'm also heavily involved with our theater school!  I've been involved with film and acting my whole life. I did my first show in the 4th grade!  Being at a school where I can totally emerge myself in everything I love has been so surreal! I'm always working on school, or at one my jobs, or on a film set.  I can't wait to share all those stories with you guys!