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Its great to be back from winter break. The funny thing about winter break was that I actually felt that it was too long. My first semester here at school was filled with working on a ton of productions, and constantly doing work, so since for the first time in 4 months I had the chance to relax and do absolutely nothing, I got bored. Let's see, I saw two movies, two broadway shows, and three different sporting events (each was a different sport). I did a ton of work for Alpha Psi Omega and hung out with friends, but I got bored. Being at home was nothing like being at school and I honestly kept wondering when I was coming back home, to UArts. Uarts has truly felt like my home, and I could not wait to get back.

This semester has some great things in store, not only for me, but for the school of Theatre as well. Im incredibly excited to get to work on the set for Chicago and all of the other brind school productions. Im also excited to see what Alpha Psi Omega has in store. We are currently working on choosing a production for the spring semester. We aren't yet sure of what it is going to be, but whatever it is, its absolutely going to be a great production.

My class work is going to be intense this semester. I have a full 18 credits spread across 7 classes. I am also a member of the Emerging Leaders Program led by Steve Scaduto, the director of student development and activities here at UArts. The emerging leaders program is designed to help cultivate the young leaders in the UArts community to take a bigger role on campus, as well as sculpt their leadership skills. I am incredibly excited to get to work with the other emerging leaders on campus, and learn from some really awesome people.

That's about it for now. I'll have a review of my classes next week after I have officially had them all at least once.

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David Fertik
Directing, Playwriting & Production '15
East Brunswick, NJ

David Fertik is a theatrical director, producer, administrator, and designer (specializing in Scenic and Puppetry Design). He currently serves as the Founding Artistic Director of Stage Left Theatre Company and the Co-Producing Artistic Director of Revolution Arts Workshop. Regional Credits include: Delware Theatre Company, Barrington Stage Company, International Opera Theatre, Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre, Marian Anderson Award, French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts, and Playhouse 22. David's senior thesis project entitled "The Circus Freak" featured various different types of puppetry. David is a proud member of the two largest organizations for puppeteers, UNIMA-USA and Puppeteers of America.