Albert Nobbs and Daniel Radcliffe as a One Note...

So, this week I saw "Albert Nobbs" one night, and "The Lady in Black," the next... you should do one of those things. Can ya guess which one? I really hope so.

Did I blog last week? No!! Because I took a surprise trip to NH to visit my sick mama to make sure she was all right... and then I had a looott of make up to do when I got back. It was important to me to make sure things were going better there than they had been recently, and my family will always come before UArts.

I did however work the UArts chat and I hope that if any incoming Freshmen spoke to me in there and happen to read my blog on here, you find it in good taste and at least mildly helpful! Num num num... good taste.

I must say, I am rather disappointed with one of my classes... Psychology. When the professor isn't spending time accusing the students of not doing the homework (of which I have NEVER come to class without doing) or threatening us with an end-all-be-all exam, in which even those of us who DID do the homework would most likely fail, he's telling people flat out that they are wrong without going into the how or why, eliminating the option of class discussion, diswaying people from asking questions, and putting "theories" out as fact. Many of the things he discusses are reported as though they are cut and dry, "this is how the world works," subjects... but that's really NOT how the world works... and generalizations are a sore sight at an art university.

Don't read me wrong... I certainly think it's important to be taught the way Freud, Erikson, and Yung looked at the world, and at people. I want to hear all of their theories, and how they thought- and what they thought about. I love to see when they are proved right... but I cannot STAND when a person who DOESN'T follow this rule is dismissed as though they do not exist. They aren't part of the majority- and in some cases, the majority is literally 51%- and therefore, they don't count. I equally want to hear about the cases in which these brilliant minds were WRONG or STUMPED. I don't WANT an answer that doesn't work, AND I CERTAINLY DON'T WANT TO BE TOLD THAT IT ALWAYS DOES, WHEN I KNOW THAT IT FRIGGEN DOESN'T.

That being said, I'm getting through it.

And Chinese Philosophy is the OPPOSITE end of the spectrum, and is simply wonderful with class discussion and the level of interest. Dr. Olshin is completely open for questions, and he WON'T say No to an inquiry... he doesn't seem to BELIEVE in a concrete No, and that's why I like him. I tend to feel the exact same way. I'm opinionated at the same time that I don't have one extreme opinion over another about almost any subject.

So that's my life!! Getting into the grit of my screenplay in the next coming weeks, and going to try to make it into a work that I can be proud of.

Also beginning to write my first Original Series Pilot for my own TV show! It's a 1920s period piece set in Boston, and I am very proud of it. ^_^

I think that's all I have to report! Work at the film set ended, and now I'm going to try and find paying work. :D Have a good week!

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