6-Hour Studios

Last Tuesday was my dad’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Dad!).  So naturally when class breaked at 11:30, I called him.  He asked me what I had been doing so I started telling him about my Photo II class and how I had break until 1, then class again until 4.  He asked me “what class?”

What class? WHAT CLASS?? It’s the same class.  It’s just a 6-hour studio.  

The concept was completely foreign to him.  I guess when he went to college, roughly 1000 years ago, classes were a little different.  I decided to take this time to write a post explaining the inner-workings of UArts, as I see it...

Student IDs

You must show ID when entering all UArts buildings.  But please, do not adorn them to your belt/keychains/lanyard around your neck when you are walking around the city.  It’s dorky. (Yes, I was guilty of this infraction freshman year.  It was tragic.)


Studio Classes

All major requirements for classes in the College of Art and Design are 6-hour studios.  Some professors split the class 3 hours one day, 3 hours another day, but most  are all at once.  Studios can run from 8:30am to 3:50pm, 1:00pm to 6:50, or 4:00pm to 9:50.  Classes for other majors and liberal arts classes can meet twice a week for an hour and 20 minutes, or 3 consecutive hours.  I avoid the twice a week classes at all costs.



There are a million and 12 cheap places to get lunch or dinner in Philly, however they have weird hours.  The food court in the Bellevue closes at like 4:00pm, the Dunkin’s on walnut closes at 8, and Jeans (Broad and Walnut), aka the best lunch cafe in all of Center City, closes at 6.  Fuel, not a gas station but a health food cafe, is located at 13th and Walnut is open for normal dinner hours, and so is Jin House (12th and Locust).  The WaWa is 24 hours, but if it’s 2am and you crave something gourmet, check out 13th Street Pizza (affectionately refereed to as Homo Hut) across from Woody’s on 13th.  **This just in: My friend at Drexel told me they’re opening a Panera in University City! Now all we need is a Noodles and Company... I love carbs.


As UArts students, we get a discount to 12th Street Gym (we are very literal when we name things in Philly).  For $90, we get three months of unlimited access to a full gym with work out classes, personal training, and even a pool.  The equipment isn’t the newest, but you get the most bang for your buck there.  Philly is kind of expensive...

I’m going to skip the tanning part of this segment because I don’t tan.  I am pale and I own it!

Laundry, my least favorite activity like ever, is either hit or miss.  I roughed it in the dorms for most of last year, but spring semester, I started going to the laundromat at 15th and Spruce.  It was probably over priced, but it was only 3 blocks from my dorm.

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I am currently a Sophomore perusing a BFA in Photography with a concentration in Art Therapy.  I am from Baltimore, Maryland. Outside of class, I enjoy hanging out with friends, exploring the city, working out, and of course, taking pictures.  

My favorite TV shows are Saturday Night Live, The Office, and Parks and Recreation.  I have watched almost all the episodes on Netflix.  Twice.  I live in an off-campus apartment with my roommate, Jill.  We have a blast but we hate  grocery shopping and doing laundry.

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