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Ricky Michiels

Philly Streets

So I've decided that some of the views I've seen in Philly so far are some of the nicest I've seen in a while. And coming from the big apple I thought that this city wouldn't even compare, but boy does it! I've only been in Philadelphia for about 5 weeks and I've already seen some amazing views and captured some awesome pictures from around the city. I've been looking for some exotic/different restaurants to try around the city if anyone has any suggestions...

Feb 6, 2013 | Comments (0)
Ricky Michiels

Super Bowl Sunday!

Here we are again, the famous Super Bowl Sunday! Today the Ravens vs. the 49ers! Whether or not you actually follow football (which I don't) today is one of those days you can kick back with your friends and order some wings and pizza and enjoy some good company and what I'm sure will be a good game. My dorm (Furness) is hosting a Super Bowl Sunday get together in the common lounge with food and drinks for everyone who wants to come on down and watch the game.

Feb 3, 2013 | Comments (0)
Ricky Michiels

Blind Walks and New Experiences

The first day of class can be nerve racking for anyone. New students, a new class and a new subject to learn, who wouldn't be nervous!? Although I must say on my first day of my Intro to Design 101 class, nervous was an understatement. When we arrived to class our teacher informed us that we'd be participating in a blind walk around Philadelphia. You could see the panic-stricken faces around the classroom, including my own. A blind walk? What is a blind walk? How do you even do a blind walk? We have to go outside? Not your typical first day of class, that's for sure.

Jan 31, 2013 | Comments (0)
Ricky Michiels
Graphic Design '15
Baldwin, New york

Ricky is a transfer student from Long Island, New York. He currently is working to obtain his Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design here at The University of the Arts. Ricky is always open to new ideas and expierences and works his hardest in areas of design and art in general to create new ideas and concepts that are visually interesting and thought provoking. He has much to offer in the emerging industry of design and visual art.