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Two More Weeks

And I am done. Done freshman year. Done with foundation. Completed one full year of college. It is so surreal. I am happy and content with how the year went. Very much ready for summer and a little break from school. But ready to start my major next year. 


ps my roommate and I are getting a kitten :) meowww

Apr 25, 2012 | Comments (0)

Freshman Year

I'd like to use this blog to express how fast freshman year has gone by. I literally can remember by detail moving into Spruce, AAP events, orientation, ect. In one month the school year will be done, leaving the freshman class as sophomores. It's beyond weird that the first year went by so quick.... which makes me nervous the other three will be the same. In a general conclusion of my first year here I tell everyone that I loved every moment of it. Honestly it was one of my busiest times handling classes, two jobs, and trying to connect with all new people.

Apr 3, 2012 | Comments (0)

Open House

Come to open house! It'll be a day filled with fun! Yay open house...  but really come.....

Mar 28, 2012 | Comments (0)

Spring or Summer


The weather this week is awesome! Everything just seems to be in a much better mood. I love being able to walk around without a coach and scarf. Even though winter was pretty mild this winter, it was bitter. So this summer tease/ early spring treat is a nice way to start the week. I hope it stays nice for awhile, its the perfect medium.... not that breezy, and not too hot. Even though I'm ready for summer break, I'm not quiet ready for the hot days. Right now is great and pleasant!  


Mar 14, 2012 | Comments (0)

Spring Break

Spring break is in four days! It would be so much better if I was going to some warm place in the Caribbean.... but that's only false hope. Luckily I'll be spending the week off from school, work, and be spending time with my family. It'll be a relaxing time to get my mind off school and such. I look forward to seeing my dog, driving a car, eating home cooked meals, visiting my high school, and much more!

Feb 29, 2012 | Comments (0)

Change Up

I've began to get in a rut.... I haven't taken pictures in more then a month, nor have I had the urge to experiment. I use to shoot almost every day trying new and different styles. I guess I was doing so to improve my portfolio, but you would think being here I would be going crazy shooting. I guess its because I’m in the middle of three completely different projects. In 3D were making a self portrait of our faces; out of clay. We started this month long project with creating a skull, then we added muscles to the face, and now were making half of the head into our own face.

Feb 21, 2012 | Comments (0)

Super Bowl XLVI

So the Super Bowl is this weekend and I must say I'm pretty excited. You see, half my family is from new england area so I was a born and raised Patriots fan. I mean don't get me wrong, the Eagles are alright too....but that's just because they are my home towns team. Either way this weekends game is going to really decide who is the better of the two teams; aka the Patriots, but I am a tad nervous about the Giants defense..... but hey, I'll make my mothers side of the family proud and be the only Patriot fan in the Philadelphia reigon. GO PATS! 

Feb 2, 2012 | Comments (0)


It’s really nice to be back at school. I’ve missed being productive, and working on something to keep busy. Don’t get me wrong break was lovely, seeing family and friends. But I got into such a routine here, that I was ready to get back to work! Classes yesterday were nice and relaxing which was a good way to start the new year, and new semester. 

Jan 18, 2012 | Comments (0)

Rain, Rain, Go Away

For what seems like the past month it has been raining non stop here in Philly. I love walking to class with my portfolio soaking wet. I think the rain and it being the end of the semester is making everyone crazy. But I love this time of the year, when everyone is cramming and complaining about finals and critiques which lead up to Christmas. We forget to appreciate how much work we all have done. It’s been a great first semester, I’m excited to see what the spring brings! 

Dec 7, 2011 | Comments (0)

Loving the city

Once autumn got here, I was so disappointed that i wouldn't be able to see the beautiful leaf colors. It was hard for me to finds signs of fall to shoot. So for the first few weekends, I'd travel home-to just take pictures of fall around my hometown. Yet the other day, I took a walk around west ward and found trees with gorgeous colored leaves! The farther west I went, the cuter the colonial housing and roads more time fly s bye, the more I love this city!


Nov 10, 2011 | Comments (0)
Photography '15
Doylestown, PA

I was born and raised in a small town in Bucks County, and always wanted to move into the city. I danced for 16 years of my life, yet decided to come to Uarts for photography so I can pursue a career. Art has always been in my life, and I couldn't be in a more perfect place to continue my studies.