BFA in Animation

Wherever you hope your dreams will lead you, whether to the independent festival circuit, the world of interactive media, major studios such as Disney/Pixar and DreamWorks, cutting-edge advertising or elsewhere and beyond, UArts Animation offers a challenging and dynamic environment that will support your evolution into a creatively autonomous, highly adaptable, and intellectually and aesthetically well-rounded contemporary artist.

Within our program and the wider University as a whole, you will be called upon to grow beyond your comfort zone by participating in personal, interdisciplinary and client projects where you will collaborate with musicians, dancers, actors and other artists, and also gain access to international opportunities such as study abroad, festivals and workshops in countries such as France, South Korea and Canada.

You will benefit from the personal attention of devoted, passionate, acclaimed and expert faculty coming from diverse fine art and commercial backgrounds who are committed to supporting you in whatever directions you have the courage and daring to pursue.

Graduates of the Animation program use drawn animation, CGI 3D and photography-based stop motion for feature films, commercials, TV shows, independent shorts and more.

They are production artists, storyboard artists and directors in large studios, on TV series and in animation studios, like Drew Applegate BFA '15 (Animation), a storyboard artist at Disney in California, and Dan Pinto BFA '07 (Animation), a storyboard artist for Little Airplane Productions, an animation studio in downtown NYC.

Others work in multimedia companies, designing interactive displays or video games – one alum is the lead animator for the game “God of War.” Some alumni are freelance animators, making their own films. Others are 2D character animators, like Rachel Gitlevich BFA '10 (Animation).