Students Publish YA Fantasy Book Series

Caitlyn Averett '15 (Dance) and Meghan Loeb '15 (Animation) release 'Restitution,' book one in 'The Underhill Series'

August 21, 2014

Caitlyn Averett ’15 (Dance) and Meghan Loeb ’15 (Animation) have released the first book in their young adult fantasy series, The Underhill Series. Titled Restitution, book one is available for purchase on Amazon's, for Kindle and Nook, and at the UArts School Store.

The students, now seniors, starting writing the series back in 2012 during their sophomore year after deciding it would be fun to combine the characters from Averett's novel and Loeb's short story. The idea took off from there and instead of co-writing the single novel they had planned, an entire YA series was created. The pair also collaborated with alumnus David Romero BFA '14 (Animation), who illustrated the cover of Restitution.

"We find it totally appropriate that we're collaborating on this, since our freshman orientation theme was 'collaboration,'" says Averett. "It feels like we've come full circle now, being that we're about to enter our senior year."

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