PECO Supports Arts Entrepreneurs with 'Open Office Hours'

University's Corzo Center welcomes energy company as its newest corporate sponsor

May 9, 2014

The Corzo Center for the Creative Economy at the University of the Arts is delighted to welcome energy company PECO as its newest corporate sponsor. The Center's "Open Office Hours Supported by PECO" offers free, one-on-one consulting for creative arts businesses.

"Open Office Hours" connects creative arts entrepreneurs to free lawyers, entrepreneurs, accountants, marketers and business leaders. At any stage of business development, individuals may make an appointment to discuss ideas, strategies and tactics with local specialists. Topics include accounting, business strategy, grant writing, marketing, pricing and merchandising, press relations, intellectual property, and more.

The Corzo Center for the Creative Economy links creative arts, business and innovation. Formed to keep art where it belongs – central to society and an economy that requires ideas and imagination – the Center is guided by the belief that entrepreneurship is both a form of business innovation and a form of public and social action. It strongly believes that artists, performers and media makers need to know the value of what they create, and for that reason, the Corzo Center has shaped its programs to give them the tools they will need to control their economic lives.

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