Photo Student, Faculty, Alumni Named 'Artists on the Rise' by 'Al Dia'

Faculty/alum Jordan Baumgarten BFA '06 (Photography), Kelsey Martin BFA '13 (Photography) and Marcus Branch '14 (Photography) are on leading Spanish-language newspaper's list

December 11, 2013

Al Dia, the leading Spanish-language newspaper, has named two UArts Photography alumni and one current student “Artists on the Rise” in Philadelphia.

Jordan Baumgarten BFA ’06 (Photography), who is also a UArts lecturer, and Kelsey Martin BFA ’13 (Photography), along with student Marcus Branch ’14 (Photography), are among the eight young artists that Al Dia says have “followed the path set by their dreams – not someone else’s – and it has worked.”

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In the article, Baumgarten says that “living in Philadelphia has been the single most life changing decision I’ve made. It has benefited me and my work in every way imaginable. The city itself is an endless source of subject matter everywhere I look.” His West Philadelphia neighborhood provided the images for his recently released first book, a hardbound collection titled Briar Patch (Parts & Labor).

Martin’s most recent work is also now a book of photographs. “After going through the tragic loss of her older brother, Martin channeled her emotions into a series of photographs that express her experience of grieving the loss coupled with a sense of visual beauty,” writes Al Dia. “The photographs were remarkable enough to earn her the Christina Cullen Memorial Award from the University of the Arts.”

And Branch tells Al Dia that in his photography work, he is “interested in flaw, awkwardness and peculiarity.” In addition to his website, his primary artistic outlet, he showcases his art locally, most recently in an exhibit at UArts' Gallery One, the only endowed student-run gallery in Philadelphia.

Also on Al Dia’s list was artist Miguel Antonio Horn, whose two giant sculptures were featured in a Hamilton Hall Public Art Initiative exhibit curated by UArts Sculpture Shop Supervisor and Lecturer Lewis Colburn in November 2012.

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