Spring Issue of UArts' Literary Magazine 'Underground Pool' Released

Published each spring by Liberal Arts, the third issue includes work from students in a wide range of majors

April 4, 2013

The Spring 2013 issue of Underground Pool, the University of the Arts' student literary magazine, has been released.

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Published each spring by the Liberal Arts Division, the third issue includes poems, stories, illustrations, photography, painting and more from students in a wide range of majors across the University.

This year's issue also features a new collaboration between student writers and visual artists: each of the seven short stories in the magazine was illustrated by a student majoring in Illustration.

Underground Pool is headed by Assistant Professor and Faculty Advisor Elise Juska, director of the University's new Creative Writing program, who reviews submissions with students in the Creative Writing Minor.

Copies of the Spring 2013 issue are now available on the 8th floor of Terra Hall and in the lobbies of Anderson and Hamilton halls.

They boarded up the old pool. The one in the basement that wasn't so much an actual pool as it was a dumping ground for the things nobody had any use for anymore, old desks with broken chairs and the like. Going down there and taking in its perverse, eerie majesty was like a rite of passage for the students, throwing in old coffee cups or half-smoked cigarettes a way to leave your mark, to add on to the pile. Now, though, they've nailed shut the doors and blocked off the stairways. The elevator doesn't even go down to the basement anymore. Condemned. However, there must still be a way to leave a mark, perhaps more constructive than a trash pile, but something still tangible, still permanent. What they have condemned, we will embrace. This is our pile.

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