Hamilton Hall Public Art Initiative Presents Interactive Sculpture and Playscape

'Between Space' by architects Keith Hartwig and Nicholas Auman on display February 13 – March 22 in front of Hamilton Hall

February 8, 2013

The Hamilton Hall Public Art Initiative at the University of the Arts presents "Between Space," an interactive sculpture and playground environment designed by architects Keith Hartwig and Nicholas Auman. The installation is on display February 13 through March 22 on the two platforms facing Broad Street in front of Hamilton Hall. An opening reception is set for Wednesday, February 13 from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Hamilton Hall lobby.

Featuring a full-scale prototype of Hartwig and Auman's playground system, as well as models showing how the system could be scaled up to create an entire playground environment, "Between Space" began as a study in fabrication techniques that offer alternative strategies for designing playful installations and challenge the way we think of playful landscapes.

The system of suspended nets is designed to react to the presence of an individual within the play structure by contracting and expanding around them, creating a tactile and sensory experience of the space. The installation on display offers viewers the opportunity to gain a first-hand experience of the space as well as have an insight into the methodology and design practice.

Inspiration for the project came after observing the conditions of several public playgrounds in Philadelphia where static play elements were isolated in a rigid organizational grid. Hartwig and Auman concluded that low-tech and cost-effective solutions were available, which could greatly benefit and improve the quality of these spaces. Research in textiles and weaving techniques generated a low-tech solution to create inclusive geometries while granting the flexibility to create variable forms.

Hartwig and Auman both received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture from Temple University's Tyler School of Art, and have been developing and pursuing "Between Space" across several venues since completing their studies.

For more information on the Hamilton Hall Public Art Initiative, please contact Curator and UArts Sculpture Shop Supervisor Lewis Colburn at 215-717-6645 or lcolburn@uarts.edu.

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