'Making IT' Alumni Exhibition Set for October 2-29

Juried show, coinciding with DesignPhiladelphia and Family & Alumni Weekend, to feature works by recent alumni from the classes of 2002 through 2012

September 24, 2012

"Making IT: Alumni Works '02-'12" is a juried exhibition of works by recent alumni. Over 150 works were submitted by UArts alumni from the classes of 2002 through 2012, including undergraduate and graduate alumni. The 57 works that were selected create a coherent and innovative exhibition, showcasing the excellence and artistic diversity of our recent alumni.

"Rusted Amusement" by Joanna Jinselli BFA '09 (Photography).

"Making IT" will be on display October 2 – 29 in the lobby of Hamilton Hall and the adjacent Arronson Gallery (320 South Broad Street), with an opening reception scheduled for Saturday, October 20 from 5 to 7 p.m.

"Cyprium Gorgonia" by April Field BFA '11 (Crafts).

Thank you to the "Making IT" jury for their time and expertise: Barbara Harberger BFA '76 (Painting), director of Arts and Collections/artistic director at Marguerite Rodgers Ltd.; alumni Christy Blanca Gonzalez BFA '01 (Painting), MA '09 (Museum Communications) and Jordan Rockford BFA '00 (Photography); Rick and Ruth Snyderman of Snyderman Gallery; DesignPhiladelphia's Hilary Jay; and Christopher Sharrock, dean of the College of Art, Media and Design at the University of the Arts.

"Cross Walk" by Nathan DiStefano MFA '04 (Painting).

The show will coincide with DesignPhiladelphia, the nation's largest city-wide celebration of design being held October 10 – 14, as well as the University's Family and Alumni Weekend programs, which will take place October 19 – 21.

To RSVP for the opening reception, email alumni@uarts.edu. Include "Making IT RSVP" in the subject and your name in the text of the email.

2012 Making IT selected artists:
Steven Alvarez BFA ’09 (Photography)
Philippa Beardsley BFA ’07 (Painting/Drawing)
LeighAnn Bogner BFA ’07 (Painting/Drawing)
Brendan Burke BFA ’08 (Painting/Drawing)
Tiffany Burnette BS ’04 (Industrial Design)
Valerie Carrigan MFA ’04 (Book Arts/Printmaking)
Christina Celenza BFA ’12 (Photography)
BriannaCerafici BFA ’11 (Photography)
Gina Delia BFA ’11 (Photography)
Nathan DiStefano MFA ’05 (Painting)
Martha Ferguson MA ’10 (Painting)
April Field BFA ’11 (Jewelry)
Amy Ahearn Gray BFA ’06 (Photography)
Dan Haddigan BFA ’09 (Printmaking)
Brad Jamula BFA ’06 (Photography)
Joanna Jinselli BFA ’09 (Photography)
Tessa Kennedy BFA ’05 (Crafts)
Daniel Kushner BS ’02 (Industrial Design)
James Lincke BFA ’08 (Illustration)
Lauren Lyons BFA ’11 (Multidisciplinary Fine Arts)
Alejandro Mandel MFA ’09 (Painting)
Tania O'Donnell MAT ’03 (Visual Arts)
Brittany Papale BFA ’11 (Sculpture)
Mackenzie Pikaart BFA ’11 (Crafts)
Nancy Gail Ring MFA ’10 (Painting)
Gina Rubinetti BFA ’09 (Painting/Drawing)
Stephanie Shade BFA ’11 (Photography)
James Singewald BFA ’02 (Photography)
Timothy Walsh BFA ’07 (Graphic Design)
Paul R. Winter BFA ’12 (Painting/Drawing)
George Wylesol BFA ’12 (Illustration)
Andrew Zahn BFA ’11 (Multimedia)
Dganit Zauberman BFA ’09 (Painting/Drawing)
Brandon Zimmerman BFA ’04 (Illustration)

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