Film and Animation Programs Present Selected Senior Work

Screening will be held Wednesday, May 16 in Connelly Auditorium

May 15, 2012

The Film and Animation programs at the University of the Arts are proud to present the "Selected Animation and Film Senior Screening" on Wednesday, May 16 at 5 p.m. in Connelly Auditorium on the 8th floor of Terra Hall (211 South Broad Street).

This 90-minute program offers highlights of the amazing work created by senior Film and Animation majors over the course of this past academic year.

Films include:

Icarus (featured on the homepage and below)
Bonnie Brown '12 (Animation)
Things used to be better.

The Man Who Shot the Moon
Aleson Ho '12 (Animation)
The moon awakens to a man with a threatening rocket.

Asel Sadekova '12 (Animation)
Existence of life depends on one thing, and one thing only...

Animation Abstractions 1-3
Matthew Barnes '12 (Animation)
The movement of quadrilateral greyscale forms in a 3-D space.

Sean Glaze '12 (Animation)
When Jesus is a cyborg, it's a slippery Pope on the way to universal acceptance.

Boogers from Space
Zach Newton '12 (Animation)
Life in the suburbs is hard enough without robots coming out of your nose.

Earth Emergency
Su Yeon Lim '12 (Animation)
Aliens attack the earth! Can earth be saved?

Words of my Grandmother
Candice Diciano '12 (Animation)
One grandmother's story through images and words.

Eclipse Force
Aaron Cowdery '12 (Animation)
Two Sun and Moon-powered heroes must stop a shadowy man from using his black hole powers to destroy the world.

Julia Alttabef '12 (Animation)
It called to her whenever she dreamed, will she meet it once she is awake?

Reid Carrescia '12 (Film/Video)
A world-weary farmhand is faced with a series of events that cause him to question his outlook and destiny.

Lauren De Angelis '12 (Film/Video)
A daughter's journey.

The Village Strands
Noel Chacha '12 (Film/Video)
A glimpse into a creative community in Kimberton, Pa.

Andrew Fisher '12 (Film/Video)
A clouded mind in a waking dream.

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