Studio Art Grad Students Are Artists-in-Residence in Dubai

Corrina Celeste Mehiel MFA '13 and Lujin Yoon MFA '12 join Professor Joe Girandola in the group exhibition, 'MinD - Dubai Contemporary'

Studio Art Director Joe Girandola shows off his duct tape work, "Amore mio...ti manco," on opening night

April 10, 2012

Two MFA in Studio Art students at the University of the Arts have just completed a two month-long residency at the Dubai Community Theater and Arts Centre's Gallery of Light in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The artists' explorations fed a creative process that translated their impressions of the city into works of art shown in an experimental art exhibition titled "MinD (Made in Dubai) - Dubai Contemporary."

Corrina Celeste Mehiel MFA '13 (Studio Art) and Lujin Yoon MFA '12 (Studio Art) spent February and March in Dubai, recording their impressions of the city and its way of life. MFA in Studio Art Director Joe Girandola was included in the exhibition and completed two works during two weeks in Dubai prior to the exhibition opening.

Work by Corrina Celeste Mehiel MFA '13 (Studio Art)

"MinD," which runs through April 14 at DUCTAC, was curated by acclaimed Emirati artist and curator Mohammed Kazem, a 2010 artist-in-residence at UArts and a current graduate student in the University's Studio Art program.

The UArts group exhibited alongside two other groups of artists, one Emirati and one a group of foreign artists with connections to Dubai. Using a variety of media – including video, installation, painting, printmaking, sculpture and conceptual approaches to art making – the work of the three groups reflects their observations and impressions of the Emirate city.

Work by Lujin Yoon MFA '12 (Studio Art)

Kazem hopes that the three collections of artists produce an overview of the many faces of modern Dubai. "The concept of 'MinD - Dubai Contemporary' is conjured mainly from the simple philosophical notion of putting together the different visual perspectives of artists from various cultural backgrounds, who meet together and register their observations and impressions of Dubai – a city that combines a deep rooted history of Arabic and Islamic tradition with modernity and futuristic prospects," he says.

In addition to the exhibit, Mehiel, Yoon and Girandola were also welcomed and introduced during a private reception at the U.S. Consulate in Dubai in honor of the University's UAE collaborations over the last three years. 

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