Call for Alumni Work

Alumni of all years, degrees and programs are invited to submit work for an exhibit curated by Takashi Aoyama '13 (Photography) with the theme "analog"

February 6, 2012

Alumni and Parent Relations recently renovated its office to include gallery space that celebrates the accomplishments of our alumni.

The alumni gallery lets students, staff, faculty and fellow alumni who visit the office appreciate the work of UArts graduates. The gallery is curated by a UArts student on a quarterly basis, around a theme of his or her choosing. Alumni of all years, degrees and programs are invited to submit their work.

Our student curator for the spring exhibition is Takashi Aoyama BFA '13 (Photography) and the theme is "Analog." This exhibition shows work that is made using "analog" techniques.

According to the curator, the difference between "analog" and "digital" artwork is the originality. "Analog" is, in other words, a handmade work where only one copy is made. Original works have a very different impact than work that has billions of copies. Materials of which the work is made, age and the artist's craftsmanship create that impact. Because we are living in the digital generation, we feel that handmade artwork is more precious than generations of the past. Computers can make a lot of things that "analog" mediums cannot. On the other hand, machines cannot portray the same feel as "analog" works. Digital techniques have pushed aside the craftsmanship of pre-computer age technologies. "Analog" artwork gives us the feeling that it is alive with a piece of its creator.  

Due to space limitations, we can only accept work that can be hung or mounted on a wall. If interested, please email images of your work to by February 24.

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