MFA in Book Arts/Printmaking Presents 'In Progress' Exhibit

The show, featuring works in progress by second-year students, runs through Nov. 4 in Gallery 224

Untitled work by Sarah Bourne MFA '12 (Book Arts/Printmaking)

October 20, 2011

MFA in Book Arts/Printmaking presents “In Progress,” a works-in-progress exhibit featuring the working ideas of second-year grad students in the program, including Victoria Burge, Sarah Bourne, Anna Boyer, Frances Osugi, Danny James Resch, Ángela Sánchez de Vera, Brian Patrick and Gregory Tuomi.

The show runs through November 4 in Gallery 224 (Anderson Hall, 333 South Broad Street), with an opening reception scheduled for Friday, October 21 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Osugi will perform spoken word at 7 p.m.

Burge shows a series of subtle prints that catch the play of light on water. Bourne's prints walk through the opacity of thoughts, in order to unravel minimal sentences. Boyer translates a choral song into space, with soft threads and line drawings. Osugi performs personal letters, and leaves the imprints. Resch questions the frontiers between two and three dimensions with crumpled, rain-flattened papers. Sánchez de Vera reproduces one corner of Lombard Street to hide an edition of poetry in a pile of trash. Brian Patrick echoes the wheels of his bicycle into abstract prints. And Gregory Tuomi shapes delicate small flight machines from everyday discarded materials.

The eight young artists take the risk to transform the gallery into a lab where prints, books and words in space test their potential. “In Progress” comes as a risk to the artists and a challenge to the visitor.

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