Stained-Glass Work by Crafts Professor at Venice Biennale, Smithsonian

"Widow" by Judith Schaecter, 2008. Collection of Colleen and John Kotelly. Photo by Dominic Episcopo / Renwick Gallery, SI.

July 18, 2011

The stained-glass work of Crafts Adjunct Professor Judith Schaechter is featured in "Glasstress," an international exhibition of contemporary glassworks being held through November 27 at the Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti in Venice, Italy, as part of the 54th Annual International Art Exhibition at the renowned Venice Biennale.

Her work is also featured in the Smithsonian American Art Museum Renwick Gallery exhibit "History in the Making: Renwick Craft Invitational 2011," which showcases four artists who create works that combine historical techniques with contemporary art forms. The Renwick show runs through July 31.

An interview with Schaechter, who explains that she does not want to be called "some kind of grand poobah savior of stained glass," appears on

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