Essay by New University of the Arts Provost Kirk Pillow Gets Published

Included in the new volume of 'Immanuel Kant: Key Concepts,' Pillow’s essay analyzes the German philosopher’s theory of aesthetics

March 25, 2011

"Beauty: Subjective Purposiveness," an essay by new University of the Arts Provost Kirk E. Pillow, Ph.D., has been published in the latest volume of Immanuel Kant: Key Concepts from Acumen Publishing (2011).

The essay analyzes the promise of and the problems with the Enlightenment-era German philosopher's theory of aesthetic judgment.

Pillow, who began his tenure as Provost on March 14, 2011, earned a doctorate in philosophy from Northwestern University in 1995, specializing in aesthetic theory. His Sublime Understanding was published by MIT Press in 2000; the book turns classical German theories of the sublime into a theory of interpretation for works of art and for experience more broadly.

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