Films by Media Arts Faculty Member Kathy Rose To Be Screened at Philly's Scribe Video Center

'Dance, Performance and Video Spectacles' features six of Rose's short videos that fuse dance, performance, sound, animation and filmed sequences

February 23, 2011

Media Arts Master Lecturer and Pre-College instructor Kathy Rose's "Dance, Performance and Video Spectacles" will be screened at Scribe Video Center (4212 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia) on Friday, March 11 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $5 for the general public and free for Scribe members.

The program, which will be followed by a post-screening discussion with Rose, features six of her provocative, enigmatic and visually stunning short videos fusing dance, performance, sound, animation and filmed sequences.  

  • "She" (2009)
  • "Kabukimenco" (2008)
  • "Queen of the Fluids" (2004)
  • "Life in the Web" (2005)
  • "The Inn of Floating Imagery" (2006)
  • "City of Lost Moons" (2009)

The videos take viewers on phantasmagoric journeys through mind and consciousness, while keeping us riveted to the sight of the body – flying apart, contorted and hybridized – often of the artist herself.

Rose teaches several courses at the University of the Arts, including Dance and Media, Autobiographical Art, History of Performance Art, and Image and Performance, a class that gives students a chance to explore the evolving genre of interdisciplinary performance art.

Her work has evolved from her early drawn animated films of the 1970s, through her unique, pioneering performance work combining dance with film in the 1980-1990s, to her current surreal performance-video spectacles and installations, with influence from symbolist art and the Japanese Noh theater.

Rose holds a BFA in Film from the Philadelphia College of Art, now the University of the Arts (1971), and an MFA in Animation from the California Institute of the Arts (1974).

Above: Still from "She"

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