Alumnus Gary Hanna '04 (Film) Wins First Place in 'Make Open Space' Social Media Competition at FLEFF

His winning film "Amoeba" explores the world from the perspective of the microscopic organisms

December 10, 2010

University of the Arts alumnus Garry Hanna '04 (Film) won first place in "Make Open Space," one of three social media contests sponsored by Ithaca College's Finger Lakes Environment Film Festival (FLEFF).

A Philadelphia-based videographer/editor specializing in event and corporate videos, Hanna's winning video titled "Amoeba" can be viewed on

"I got the idea for my work from watching a lot of space videos about relativity, string theory, and how big the universe is," he says. "I thought: To the universe, we must be microscopic and insignificant, yet we imagine empty skies and distant dots as constellations to find the new world and stand in awe of a big, yet empty open space. I then thought: As we're microscopic to the galaxies, what's microscopic to us, such as amoebas, must be in awe of the world we take for granted."

"Make Open Space" was a component of FLEFF's 2009-2010 rollout of blogs, screenings and online user-generated events. People from around the world participated in "Make Open Space," which allowed contestants the opportunity to remix the 2010 FLEFF artwork into a short trailer that explores open space.

Top and above: Still from "Amoeba"

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