Gallery One and Student Affairs Present 'The Art of Healing'

Student, faculty and staff exhibition inspired by student artist undergoing treatment for breast cancer runs November 12 - 26


November 5, 2010

Gallery One, the student-run exhibit space at the University of the Arts, and the Division of Student Affairs present "The Art of Healing," an invitational art exhibition embracing the powerful connection between art and healing.

Featuring artwork by university students, faculty and staff that explores the catharsis possible through creative expression, the exhibition will begin on Friday, November 12 with an opening reception from 3 to 5 p.m. in the President's Office, followed by a reception in Gallery One, located on the lower level of Hamilton Hall, from 5 to 7 p.m. The final event will be a series of performances related to art and healing, to be held in CBS Auditorium from 7 to 9 p.m.

University of the Arts Animation senior Helen Wallace inspired "The Art of Healing" exhibit. Diagnosed with breast cancer this past summer, Wallace decided to focus her creative powers on her battle to overcome the disease. She suggested "The Art of Healing" to raise awareness about cancer and to celebrate art as a source of strength, comfort and creative expression for any artist struggling against illness and seeking healing. Wallace continues to take classes and create animations while undergoing treatment. Her work will be featured in the exhibition.
"The Art of Healing" will also include artwork by University of the Arts Illustration instructor Christian "Patch" Patchell, a tongue cancer survivor who is creating a book based on the collection of sketches he drew during his radiation and chemotherapy treatments. A cartoonist, illustrator and designer, Patchell divides his time between making art, teaching and collaborating with the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society. He is also a member of Navigating the New Normal, a group for young people (ages 20-something to 40-something) that meets locally to discuss dealing with cancer.

Above: A drawing by Illustration instructor Christian Patchell from "My Cancer Sketchbook"

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