Film Students Intern with Kevin Spacey's L.A.-Based Production Company

Writing for Film/TV seniors Emily Nye and Sean Spencer complete a month-long internship reading and evaluating scripts

October 26, 2010

For Emily Nye (left) and Sean Spencer, seniors in the Writing for Film and Television program, interning at a production company in Los Angeles for a month was a dream come true. And it wasn't just any production company, but Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey's company Trigger Street Productions, which recently co-produced the critically acclaimed film "The Social Network."

Both students agree that the most rewarding aspect of working at Trigger Street was being able to read and evaluate feature-length scripts under consideration for development by the company.

"The best thing about the internship was reading scripts and working with people who are passionate about the same thing that I am. It was all very inspiring," says Spencer, a Haddonfield, N.J., native who is currently working on building his writing portfolio and establishing industry relationships.

Nye, who hails from Fredericksburg, Va., is busy polishing up her own scripts and making contacts in New York and L.A. She points out that this experience has helped her future career goals by giving her a realistic view of the industry and "what I have to do to get my foot in the door."

In addition to providing the students with an insider's look at Hollywood, the month-long internship also gave them a good understanding of both the creative and business sides of the film and television industries.

The goal of the Writing for Film and Television program is to expand students' creative vision and provide the tools to write and produce artistically strong work. Seniors are required to complete a professional internship in the field of media as well as to write a feature-length screenplay.

But what's the best thing about the program, according to Nye? "Watching TV shows as a homework assignment. I'm very productive on Thursday nights."

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