Former University of the Arts Visiting Faculty Member Matthew Carter Named 2010 MacArthur Fellow

Type designer will receive $500K 'Genius Grant'

October 11, 2010

Matthew Carter, a 2003 University of the Arts' Visiting Faculty Member in Graphic Design, has been named a 2010 recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship – also known as a "Genius Grant" – by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, for his work as a type designer. Carter is one of 23 new MacArthur Fellows selected for their creativity, originality and potential to make important contributions in the future. Each fellow receives a $500,000 award.

Carter is a master type designer and considered one of the most important and influential type designers of the digital age. He is the only digital type designer of note who was brought up under the traditions of metal type founding.

"In many ways, he is a living history of how we have transmitted our language visually from the beginning of movable type technology to our current radiant digital displays," said Chris Myers, chair of the Graphic Design program at the University of the Arts and a former student of Carter’s. “His recent work has focused on developing highly legible fonts for computer screens, including the small screens of low-resolution, handheld devices.”

As a teacher, Carter established himself within Yale University's Graphic Design program, where he taught current University of the Arts Graphic Design faculty, including Myers, John Connolly and Kristie Williams. He is also well known for his teaching collaborations with UArts Faculty Emerita and Yale colleague Inge Druckrey.

MacArthur Fellows will receive $500,000 in support over the next five years. The Fellowships come without stipulations and reporting requirements, offering unprecedented freedom and opportunity to reflect, create and explore.

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