University of the Arts Earns 'Model of Efficiency' Commendation from 'University Business' Magazine

May 6, 2010

The Enrollment Management Division at the University of the Arts has been recognized in the latest edition of University Business magazine as a "model of efficiency" for its implementation of a paperless workflow, one of seven nationwide institutions of higher education to be so honored.

The Document Imaging Taskforce that made paperless admission operations a reality at the University of the Arts gathered in the Enrollment Management office space that was reclaimed from file storage.

The University's Office of Admission was challenged by its own success, having seen a 16.5 percent increase in enrollment and a nearly 50 percent spike in applications over the past decade. The extra paperwork generated by the increased interest in the University had its Enrollment Management team drowning in a sea of forms, printouts and transcripts.

To correct the problem, the department took its cue from the University's registrar and began working on a document-imaging system that featured automated workflows. While the Office of Technology and Information Services created workflows and protocols, the Enrollment Management staff began scanning existing records and new documents. By early 2009, the entire division was paperless.

"Our processing time for admission decisions was reduced from one week to 48 hours," said Enrollment Management Vice President Barbara Elliott (seated center). "Financial aid verification dropped from weeks to days. The number of decisions the University is now rendering in its rolling admission cycle is at an all-time high, exceeding a five-year average by nearly 40 percent. The 'Models of Efficiency' recognition is a gratifying commendation for our efforts."

University Business is the leading publication for senior managers at colleges and universities throughout the United States, reaching 46,000 leaders who manage offices such as enrollment, technology, facilities and academic affairs.

"We launched 'Models of Efficiency' to honor those applying the same kind of innovation and dedication to service that we're seeing from leading-edge companies in the private sector," said Tim Goral, editor-in-chief of University Business. "This innovation really stands out because it succeeded on a quantitative and qualitative level."

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