University's School of Music Adds Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology in Music Minor

15-credit course of study responds to evolving music industry

April 15, 2010

Responding to the rapidly changing landscape of the music industry, the School of Music at the University of the Arts has launched a 15-credit minor course of study in business, entrepreneurship and technology in music. Open only to School of Music students, courses will begin being offered this fall semester.

"In today's music industry, fewer beginning- to mid-level artists are being signed and/or re-signed and marketed, leaving recording, producing, mixing, marketing and promotion up to them," said School of Music Director Marc Dicciani. "With this in mind, the new minor will give our students the skills they need for the additional roles they will have to assume to be successful in today's music industry."

Students enrolled in the minor will create, produce, record, edit, manipulate and distribute audio, such as sound effects and spoken vocal overdubs, and music for traditional and new media. Skills will be acquired through specialized coursework, hands-on training and in-field experiences. Study areas include audio recording, production, live sound, entrepreneurship, marketing, law and business management. The minor rounds out the school's undergraduate Jazz Studies degree programs in composition and instrumental and vocal performance

The School of Music at the University of the Arts prepares students as innovators and leaders for 21st century careers, especially those in the creative arts as performers, composers and educators. Jazz and contemporary American music serve as the nucleus of the school's curriculum, in the understanding that it nurtures creativity. The faculty reaffirms traditional foundations and techniques in the instruction of music theory, performance and history, while experimentation, improvisation and originality inspired by the contemporary jazz curriculum drives the school's overarching educational goals, pedagogy, methodology and philosophy.

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