Underground Pool: 8.9 Magnitude

By Veronica Zabczynski '14 (Writing for Film & Television)

It started as a problem
of the land but became
a problem of the seas.

We’re such ignorant people to depend
on the earth’s stability. We build
castles on grass. There is a price
for castles. There is a price for trains.
There is a price for concrete empires
when the world begs to breathe.

Hundreds are reported
missing. I am hundreds.
Will I be missing
or missed?

My ship went down before
I had a chance to prepare
for my salted air. The dirt
and water did a quick mix
and the people did a steady drown.
I watched my body sink down as I felt
the weight stomp
faithfully on my chest. I wish I had lived
in the West. A damp beast ate the East.

The power is out. The earth is fed.
The West goes on. The East is dead.