Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Music Education

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Music Education program is an advanced teacher certification program for professional musicians desiring a master’s degree and certification to teach music.

Candidates for the Music Education master's degree program have completed undergraduate studies in applied music, composition, theory, musicology, or other professional areas. MAT in Music Education graduates are eligible to receive K-12 certification from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Education to teach music.

What makes us different: balanced curriculum, flexible schedule and hands-on experience
The program is a balance of intellectual foundations, curriculum design and assessment partnered with hands-on pedagogy and conducting courses developed to provide relevant experiences for the classrooms of today and leadership for the future of the profession. This preparation includes comprehensive instruction in the use of music education technology, field-based learning experiences and direct feedback on instructional effectiveness.

The MAT in Music Education program may be completed in one academic year if all corequisites are satisfied prior to matriculation. Corequisite requirements may be satisfied in a number of ways, including taking courses in the Music Education undergraduate program. Working professionals may opt to complete this graduate degree program over an extended period of time.