Oasis Places: Katherine Bennett

Maryland Art Place

Work by Multimedia Assistant Professor Katherine Bennett is on display in "Oasis Places," a group exhibit curated by interdisciplinary artist Jeremy Stern.

A gallery talk will take place on Thursday, May 9 at 6 p.m., followed by a reception at 7 p.m.

"Oasis Places" centers around the unique ways in which a work of art can create a sense of place, whether through contemplative reflection, or interactive, viewer-participatory involvement. The "oasis" that each artist provides in their work creates a place where viewers can meet, discuss and interact, or individually contemplate to fully activate each piece. "Oasis Places" builds upon the curator's interests as an artist and curator concerned with the misinterpretation of mapped spaces by designing an exhibition around the ephemeral conditions that help to define what might be considered a place versus a space.

Artists: Katherine Bennett, Stephen Bradley & Nicole King, K. David Fong and Neal McDonald.

Above: Bennett's "Then Ether."

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