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PROGworkRESS presents recent work from artists in the MFA in Book Arts/Printmaking program at the University of the Arts, including Charissa Schulze, Karen Hardy, Mou Zhu, J. Pascoe, Sarah Hulsey, Erin Paulson, Ellen Haines, Katherine Pulido and Kunyoung Chang. The pieces shown both build the individual voices of the artists and interrelate in surprising and exciting ways. This show documents a wide range of developing projects as the artists move towards the completion of their thesis work.

Charissa Schulze explores the peripheries of history; Karen Hardy taps into our innate curiosity and instinctual fears with sculptural handmade paper; Mou Zhu compares censorship in the United States and China in video installation; J. Pascoe examines alienation and wonder through the use of multilayered prints; Sarah Hulsey creates a spatial diagram that maps the quotidian to the fanciful; Erin Paulson emphasizes our eternal quest for answers through points of embroidered light; Ellen Haines discovers the ups and downs of a cat who just can’t get enough pie in a story-book composition; Katherine Pulido investigates humorous interactions between whimsical and emotionally complex creatures in watercolor and ink; and Kunyoung Chang addresses the spiritual moments of reading with “wishing stones” using pulp from discarded books.

"This works-in-progress exhibition is a fine example of the variety of media and content that find their way into book-friendly forms and paper structures. It is an enticing preview of what is to come in the spring from these MFA candidates," said Amanda D’Amico, Master Printern in the Borowsky Center for the Publishing Arts at the University of the Arts.

Opening Reception: October 19, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Anderson Hall
333 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
United States

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