Short Histories: Lewis Colburn

President's Office

Exhibit by UArts Sculpture Shop Supervisor Lewis Colburn, who also serves as curator of the Hamilton Hall Public Art Initiative.

Reception Friday, April 26,  3 – 5 p.m.

Artist Biography
Born in Cedar Falls, Iowa, Colburn received degrees in Studio Art and Russian Language from St. Olaf College. He completed his MFA in Sculpture at Syracuse University and has recently produced projects for the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center and the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. He is currently based in Philadelphia.

Artist Statement
Any act of creation is essentially an act of re-creation. History functions like a world-sized game of Telephone, losing some information with each re-telling, and adding new information almost by accident.

I am interested in the way we re-interpret and re-tell the past through the filter of our own experience. This process results in all kinds of mistranslations and approximations, and these subjective interpretations are often more interesting than the actual events from which they derive.

Using carefully crafted replicas and re-created images, I highlight the subjectivity of our historical narratives and the way these stories shift and change in the re-telling.

Hamilton Hall
320 S Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
United States

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