Visiting Artist Lecture: Wendy White

Anderson Hall, Room 815

The Printmaking department presents artist Wendy White, who will give a talk in conjunction with her work currently on view through March 31 in the Window on Broad at the Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery.

In concealing her virtuosity behind unglamorous color and an unsuave touch, White reveals a different order of virtuosity, deriving compelling effects from blunt, artless means and plumbing the bottomless dichotomies of structure and formlessness, reason and oblivion, scaffolding and swamp. Her palette includes rumbling, inflected blacks, chalky and electric tints and scarcely anything in between. And behind her congested compositions lies the promise of zooming, unbound space.

Above: "Rute" from the 3-Stripes series, 2012, 21 x 25 in.

Anderson Hall
333 South Broad Street, 8th floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102
United States

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