School of Film Spotlight Series: Sequential Art: Have You Seen This Yet and Why Not?

Connelly Auditorium

The School of Film presents the Spotlight Series, which brings visiting filmmakers, writers and animators to campus to present their work to both public and University audiences.

Successful Philadelphia sequential artists Terry LaBan and Mark Robinson BFA '01 (Animation) talk about their work, how it is viewed and distributed, and why you really want to see it. Sequential art bridges the gap between an individual illustration and an animated film with firm legs on both cliffs. It is an interesting world to live in.

About the Panelists
Terry LaBan (right) graduated from the University of Michigan in 1984 with a BFA. His political cartoons have been printed in In These Times, Playboy and The Utne Reader, among other publications. His series Unsupervised Experience and Cud, written and drawn for Fantagraphics Books, were both nominated for Best New Series Harvey awards, and LaBan was a Harvey award Best New Artist nominee for Unsupervised Experience in 1990. LaBan has written Donald Duck stories for Egmont, a major publisher of Disney comics based in Denmark. He has also written for DC Comics, working on scripts for many licensed characters, including Superman and the Green Lantern, as well as several creator-owned miniseries of his own. In 2001, Terry and his wife, Patty, began writing "Edge City," a daily comic strip nationally syndicated by King Features Syndicate, which chronicles the trials and tribulations of modern family life, as seen through the eyes of a Jewish-American family. "Edge City" has appeared in newspapers across the country, including The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Chicago Sun-Times, ever since. He teaches a class in Graphic Narrative as an adjunct professor at Philadelphia University and is the proprietor of Cartoon Impact, a business that provides cartoons and infographics for business communications.

UArts alumnus Mark A. Robinson (left) is a professional illustrator/comics creator who has been creating comics since 2001. He has published various titles by various publishers, including Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Vertigo Comics, IDW, Devil's Due Publishing and Topcow, and is currently publishing through Image Comics. He is currently working on "I LOve TrOuble" and "MEET THE MONSTRES" from Image Comics. He lives in West Philly and likes orange soda.

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211 South Broad Street, 8th floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102
United States

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