Hamilton Hall Public Art Initiative: ConDuctile

Hamilton Hall Broad Street Platforms

The Hamilton Hall Public Art Initiative at the University of the Arts presents "ConDuctile," an art installation by Philadelphia artist Matt Ziemke. Featuring two platforms of ceramic sculptures placed outside the University of the Arts' Broad Street facade, the work is inspired by the industrial forms and function of the Reading Viaduct in Philadelphia.

"The Reading Viaduct is one of Philadelphia's remarkable architectural relics. It recalls a period of prosperity and industrial strength. Today the community is facing its revival. It's truly a part of Philadelphia’s visual archeology" said Ziemke.

On Saturday, May 4 beginning at 11 a.m., the 54 individual pieces of "ConDuctile," as a work of art about the city, will go into the hands of those that live here. Each ceramic sculpture will be removed from its respective platform by the artist and sold as "Pay What You Wish": the price to be named by the individual interested in purchasing and owning a piece referencing the Reading Viaduct. In the interest of making the work widely available, pieces will be limited to one per Philadelphian. Cash and credit accepted.

Hamilton Hall
320 S Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
United States

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