Building Nature

Printmaking Gallery

"Building Nature" is a two-person exhibition featuring ethereal printmaking installations by MFA Book Arts/Printmaking alumnae and Printmaking faculty members Rebecca Gilbert '02 and Marisha Simons '03. Both artists live and work in Philadelphia, and have exhibited extensively regionally, nationally and internationally.

Characterized by a methodical technical approach to art making, a deliberately sparing use of color and a down-to-earth recognition of her own primal cravings, experienced printmaker Rebecca Gilbert draws on symbolism collected from the natural world to create detailed woodcuts and print installations. For the past several years, she has been using dirt, water, sticks, coins and gold as imagery in her work to symbolize that which we crave, desire, seek out and hold valuable. Her interest in representing building, digging and exploring the natural world has to do with her interest in people's primal desires to search for treasure, value and fulfillment.

Artist/printmaker Marisha Simons has spent most of her life in places of breathtaking natural beauty: Northern California and Colorado. Her artwork borrows images of both flora and fauna from these landscapes and translates them into abstracted forms of themselves that build a theatrical scale slice of the outdoors. The presentation of her prints is non-traditional; her installations are hand printed on silk and hang in space in layers, utilizing the transparency of the silk to create a sense of depth.

Above: "Lucky" by Rebecca Gilbert: reduction and multiple block woodcut, 11" x 15", 2010.

Anderson Hall
333 South Broad Street, 6th floor
Phialdelphia, PA 19102
United States

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