Alumni Exhibit: The Dead Cats of Civilization


Philadelphia-based artist collective Phantom Hand presents "The Dead Cats of Civilization," an exhibition of the antiquated and obsolete that will pay tribute to occupations, tools and practices now relegated to the "dust-bin of progress."

Participating artists include UArts alumni Max Gordon BFA '11 (Illustration), Jeff Daniels BFA '07 (Illustration), Christine Larsen BFA '04 (Illustration), Dan Trauten BFA '07 (Illustration), Caitlyn McCormack BFA '10 (Illustration), Eamon Dougherty BFA '07 (Illustration), Julie Laquer BFA '07 (Illustration), Alex Eckman-Lawn BFA '07 (Illustration), Anthony Pedro BFA '07 (Illustration), Tim Durning BFA '08 (Illustration), Julianna Lose BFA '08 (Printmaking), Katy Halbeisen BFA '07 (Illustration), Steve Streisguth BFA '09 (Illustration). Sam Heimer BFA '07 (Illustration), Paul Palcko BFA '98 (Illustration) and Mike Wohlberg BFA '07 (Illustration).

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 16, 6 – 10 p.m.

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Above: Work by Sam Heimer BFA '07 (Illustration).

The Piazza at Schmidts, 1050 N. Hancock Street
Philadelphia, PA
United States

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