Michele Kishita: Water, Water Everywhere

Flinn Gallery

Faculty member and alumna Michele Kishita BFA '97 (Painting), MFA '10 (Painting) is exhibiting her installation "Jacquard Falls" (above) as well as six paintings in the group exhibition "Water, Water Everywhere."

The inspiration for Kishita's installation is derived from weavers' looms and Hokusai's paintings and prints of waterfalls. She references how threaded looms resemble cascading water and at the same time, because the strings are essentially lines in the air, they create three-dimensional drawings. The installation is composed of approximately 30 football field-lengths of string. The upper fall has 390 individual strings and the lower fall has approximately 500. It took two months and three assistants to cut and wrap lengths of cotton string, tie them to the "loom" and assemble the various parts.

Flinn Gallery
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