Diane Pepe: Hidden Images

Cosmopolitan Club of Philadelphia

An exhibition of recent drawings, cut-paper collages and digital collages by College of Art, Media and Design Associate Professor Diane Pepe. Opening Reception: Friday, September 14, 5 - 7 p.m.

Artist Statement
Diane's sculptural work, cut-paper drawn collages and digital animated shorts investigate the dichotomy of human nature. This is revealed in the juxtaposition of two elements: the wood/brass structure that contains and orders and the river stones that represent a powerful force, constant movement and boundless energy of the human spirit. In the drawings, the soft pastel pencil explores the emotional, internal energy and the cut paper, hard-edge structure expresses our ability to order and control this spirited force and emotion. The layering of the physical elements in the sculptures and cut papers in the collages relate to an investigation of spatial concerns, subtle qualities of light, and implied movement that come to life in the animated shorts.

Above: "New Order Shift," layered cut-paper drawing collage.

Cosmopolitan Club of Philadelphia
1616 Latimer Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
United States

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