Retrospective: Paintings by Roberta Eisenberg

Hamilton/Arronson Galleries + President's Office

"Bardo" by Roberta Eisenberg

A survey of lyrical abstract paintings based on the landscape by Eisenberg (1940 – 2006), a noted University of the Arts alumna from Southern California. Eisenberg’s paintings reference nature as a metaphoric language. While guided in part by intuition/instinct, the finished paintings are due more to a determined critical thinking and a skillful control of her medium.

The critic Michael Laurence, stated the work deals with a “gestural tension of line and its calligraphic emotional charge, a quality of never describing but making reference toward essences.” Eisenberg advocated for an increased awareness of the intimate link between humanity and nature. Her subtle works speak sense of the spiritual, a feeling for the life force in all inanimate objects whether its water, rocks or weather.

A jazz performance will be held in Eisenberg's honor on October 9 in the University's Welcome Center in Hamilton Hall.

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