Redacted Topographies: Nicolò Sertorio

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San Francisco-based photographer Nicolò Sertorio’s “Redacted Topographies” series is about our relationship with the environment around us: how we perceive it, how we live in it and how we relate to it. The more we move to urban lifestyles that are connected mostly through the web of technological means, the less we understand the world we live in and thus loose our respect toward it. Sertorio states that, “This series is a hypothetical archeology of the failed ideology of the conquest of nature; it is my belief that the idea of 'conquering’ nature has become an excuse for the indiscriminate abuse of the land. Individuality and personal freedom have turned into selfishness; there is no social accountability, no price to pay for any environmental damage. I therefore imagine a near future where humans have self-destructed and disappeared.” Beautiful landscape photographs combined with a scientific mapping system provide an alternative view of the environment.

Nicolò Sertorio is a fine art and commercial photographer based in the Bay Area in California. He earned a BA degree in International Business from the University of Dublin, Ireland, and an MBA in Economia e Commercio from the Università degli studi di Torino, Italy. Born in Princeton, his parents were both university professors, later moving to Turin, Italy, where he grew up. Later they moved to Switzerland for eight years, then finally to California, where he worked for 10 years at HP as a solution strategist for the digital imaging group before leaving to start his own photography practice. In between, he lived in Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, India, France and Germany, and his work reflects this set of diverse aesthetic and cultural influences. He is president of the Northern California chapter of ASMP. His work has won numerous awards, including Critical Mass finalist, Prix de la Photo Paris, International Loupe Award, PDN Photo of the Day, American Photography 30, The Center for Fine Art Photography “Portfolio ShowCase 6,” Blurb “Photography Book Now,” FotoWeek DC International Awards, among others. Among the publications that have featured his work are Fraction Magazine, Lensculture, art magazin kontura (Croatia), Domus magazine, AdWeek, DoubleTakes and Time magazine.

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