LookOverHear: Geoff Hall

Sol Mednick Gallery

“LookOverHear” is the expansive photo project by Geoff Hall centered on the diverse network and egalitarian nature of contemporary “Do It Yourself” music cultures and community spirit, as documented both locally and nationally. The digitally printed color images exude the energy and passion with tableaux that often seem carefully posed, but are in fact photographic vérité. In order to capture the fleeting nuances of body gestures and the rich detail of interacting textures, including clothing, hair and body art, Hall has developed an unusual combination of tools and unorthodox shooting methodology to obtain sought-out imagery in often very close, frantic and poorly lit environments. The results yield a signature style of captivating images inviting from a multitude of perspectives. In addition to a central theme, “LookOverHear” has grown in scope to currently include three distinct pictorial studies as satellite sub projects: “ROCKERS! Love,” a regular and long-standing Philadelphia based DiY community of multi-genre music events that attract, support and celebrate the coming together of multicultural diversity; “TNR MFR!,” the chronology of a persevering DiY-oriented post-punk act The National Rifle throughout multiple trips across the United States as they developed a fanatical following, including an unlikely enthusiastic fan base segment along the way; and “DUBLTK,” which is centered on the wide-ranging DiY underground EDM (electronic dance music) scene.

Geoff Hall attended Our New School in Moorestown, N.J., and following his interest in photography, technology, music and art, began working in photo studios and labs. In 1977, he became the facilities and equipment supervisor for the Photo/Film department at what was then the Philadelphia College of Art, now the University of the Arts. This exhibition is a return to the gallery for Hall, as he was involved with the construction of the original Mednick Gallery in the Arco Building located at 260 South Broad Street, working alongside photographer and then Photo department chair Ray Metzker during the summer of 1978. He served as a sound artist and designer for the Charles Cohen, Jeff Cain, Terry Beck Troupe and has performed found sound solo performances at the Festival of Philadelphia Performing Electronic Musicians in addition to appearing in the experimental group Box, alongside Pete Baker of the Stick Men and Mallory Yago of Crash Course in Science. Hall was the academic computing coordinator for Moore College of Art & Design and Senior Technical Supervisor of Academic Computing for The University of the Arts. Additionally, he has served as a self-employed computer consultant for art & media professionals since 1989. He is currently working on self-determined photographic projects including “LookOverHear.” Hall resides in the Philadelphia area.

Opening Reception: May 23, 4:30 p.m.

Above: Copyright © 2011 Geoff Hall. All rights reserved.

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