Knowledge: Treyson Dunlap '12

Hamilton Hall Platforms

Exhibition by Assistant Sculpture Shop Supervisor and alumnus Treyson Dunlap BFA '12 (Sculpture) is part of the Hamilton Hall Public Art Initiative.

Artist Statement:
Technological advancement in today’s society is changing the way we obtain, maintain and use knowledge. There are many advantages to the new technologies available to us, but at what point does it stop being an aid and start being a crutch?

The books used in this installation were found discarded from the South Philadelphia Public Library. Finding these discarded books made me question how we value our sources of knowledge: are books being cast aside, or simply becoming a different way of storing information? How does the constant availability of data change our ability to remember things?

More specifically, artists today are challenged with finding a balance between honing their craft, gaining the necessary knowledge to succeed in their fields, and trying to understand how to use new technologies as an aid rather than becoming dependent on them as a replacement for craftsmanship and skill.

Hamilton Hall
320 S Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
United States

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