Image and Performance Concert

Caplan Studio Theater

Showing of selected works by students in Master Lecturer Kathy Rose's Image and Performance class. This interdisciplinary performance art show integrates live performance with video, audio, masks, costumes and lights, and includes students from Acting, Film & Video, Dance, Multimedia, Multidisciplinary Fine Arts, Music and Photography.

Participating students:
Caitlin Dagle '14 (Dance)
Rachel Balla '14 (Multidisciplinary Fine Arts)
Kennedy Dickerson '14 (Photography)
Dimitris Dodoras (Music exchange student)
Jessica Giacobbe '14 (Multidisciplinary Fine Arts)
Timothy Martin '14 (Multimedia)
Samantha Milch '14 (Multidisciplinary Fine Arts)
Nicholas Rayment '14 (Photography)
Adam Samson '14 (Multimedia)
Irene Simmon '16 (Film & Video)
Sara Wasylyk '15 (Photography)
Tiffany Bunch '17 (Acting)
William Kilgannon '14 (Composition)
Bailey Roper '16 (Acting)

Rose directs the concert, which is free and open to the public.

Above: Timothy Martin '14 (Multimedia) and Jessica Giacobbe '14 (Multidisciplinary Fine Arts); homepage: Samantha Milch '14 (Multidisciplinary Fine Arts); photos by Kennedy Dickerson '14 (Photography).

Terra Hall
211 S Broad Street, 16th floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107
United States

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