Knowing Dance More Series: Wrap Up & Student Showings with Lauren Bakst

Connelly Auditorium

Presented by the School of Dance, "Knowing Dance More" is a series of lectures, conversations, and informal showings led by important artists and scholars in the international field of dance. This series seeks to bring into focus current issues within the production, performance and practice of dance works and will hopefully foster ongoing conversations about knowing dance (more). 

For 2013-14, Knowing Dance More has been mapped around four perspectives—that of the dramaturge, the choreographer, the dancer, and the theorist, and four concepts—historical diversions, poetic ruptures, mediated body-hybrid identities, and the social anatomical. Through their diverse and unique engagements with these concepts and perspectives, this year's guests will reveal the multiplicity of ways that dance moves through the complexity of the contemporary moment.

Curator Lauren Bakst leads a discussion that reflects on the year of Knowing Dance More and UArts School of Dance students present responses to the lectures.

Terra Hall
211 S Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
United States

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